“A Seeder that the Gardener has been waiting for a long time”

The plate filled with soil with perforated plate.

Attached sowing machine, ready for sowing.

This new seeder is characterized by its
amazing, simple way of working and

It enables the gardener to be pilled and
suitable natural seeds (pansies)
to process. Even small seed quantities
can still be sown without any problems.

Magazine filled with seeds ready for sowing.

In one operation (slide opening)
become the individual seeds exactly
in the standard seed boxes or
Growing plates stored.

Custom-made products on request.

Exchange of a seed magazine

The seeder consists of a

the one above it

  Seeds hole Magazine
a mobile one

between the base plate and the
Sperm hole magazine is located and one

easily slidable on the seed hole
magazine sitting.

Viola sown (single grain tray)

There is a space under the green plate
Adjustment plate attached. The holes of both
Plates are connected with a hose
the. A special perforated plate, the
Plug with the hole spacing of the
Alignment plate of the seeder match,
is used to impress depressions in
the substrate.

The workflow when using the device
is the following:

Exactly deposited seed in prepared wells (perforated plate)

1. Fill the boxes with substrate
2. With perforated plate deepening into the
Press in the substrate.
3. Place the seeder on the
Sow crate
4. Insert the appropriate one
Sperm hole magazine and filling the
seed hopper
5. Apply light pressure to the seed hopper
slide over the sperm hole magazine.
6. By pushing the slide the
Seeds targeted into the deepening of the