Magazin 1
Ø 1,8mm
Pilled seed
1-1,5mm Ø :
Natural Seeds:

With this Ø possible
Bellis) Multi - seed deposits
Viola - Single grain deposit
Magazin 2
Ø 2,7mm
Pilled Seed
2-2,5mm Ø :
Natural Seeds:

Herbal spices: basil,
                          parsley ( multi - seed deposits)
Graded cabbage - seed size over 2mm Salvia
Magazin 3
Ø 4,4mm
Pilled seed
2-3,5mm Ø :
Natural seeds:

All cabbage types and leek
Herbal spices (multi - seed deposits)
Magazin 4
Ø 5,3mm
Pilled seed
4-5mm Ø :
All salad types
Magazin 5
Ø 2,4mm
Natural seeds:
Cabbage (seed size under 2mm)
Herbal spices in multi - seed deposits
Magazin 6
Ø 0,9mm
Natural seeds: Lobelie - approx 10 seeds per hole
*auf Wunsch mehr oder weniger*
Magazin 7
Ø 1,1mm
Pilled seed
0,8mm Ø :

Magazin 8
Ø 0,8mm
Natural seeds: Petunia - Single seed
Magazin 9
Ø 2,4mm/3,0mm thick
Natural seeds: Aster
Ø 2,4mm/1,5mm thick
Ø 3,2mm/2,0mm thick
Ø 4,0mm/2,5mm thick
Natural seeds: Prrequisite is graded in 3 different sizes
Magazines required:
2,4mm )
3,2mm ) appropriate grading
4,0mm ) filter required
Primula acaulis
Ø 1,4mm/1,0mm thick
Ø 1,8mm/1,0mm thick

Natural seeds:
1 - 2 grain deposits
2 grading filters and magazines required
Grading filters 2 grading filters are available for grading cabbage seeds:
1,5mm Ø und 2,0mm Ø