"The long

awaited Seeder Unit

for gardeners"

Earth filled Tray with Recess Tray.
This new Seeder Unit is characterised by its
stunning simple operation and economical
running costs.

It enables gardeners to work with suitable,
natural seeds (pensies) in grain or pellet
form. Even small quantities of seeds can be
sown without any problem.

Seeder Unit in position, ready for sowing.
The individual seed grains are deposited
precisely in one operation (by opening the
drawer) into the seed boxes or transplant
boxes measuring.

Special productions upon request.

Magazine filled with seeds ready for sowing.
The Seeder Unit consists of a
  Base Tray,
on top which is a
  Seed Recess Magazine,
a movable
which is located between the Base Tray and
Seed Recess Magazine and a
  Seed Container,
sitting on top of the Seed Recess Magazine
and which slides easily back and forth.

Moving across with the Seed Container.
Below the Base Tray, with a gap between
them, is an Adjustment Tray. The holes on
both trays are each linked by a tube. A
Special Recess Tray, whose stoppers are alig-
ned with the hole spacings on the Seed Unit
Adjustment Tray, is used to press the recess
into the sub-soil.

The sequence for operating the Seeder Unit
is as follows:

Seeds deposited precisely into the prepared
recess (Recess Tray)
1. Fill the boxes with sub-soilt
2. Make recess in the sub-soil with the
   Recess tray.
3. Place the Seeder Unit on the Sowing
4. Position the appropriate Seed Recess
   Magazine and fill the Seed Container
5. Gently push the Seed Container across
   the Seed Recess Magazine.
6. By applying pressure to the drawer the
   seed grains drop prcisely into the
    sub-soil recess

Viola sowed (Single grain deposit)