The advantages for your daily work

As owners of our own nursery, we know the process of sowing very well. To make it easier and faster we have developed Lehner’s seeder. Simple, stable and really efficient, our seeder is proven 1000 times worldwide. Some important advantages of the original Lehners seeder:

100% manual operation

Lehner’s sawmill operates completely without electricity or compressed air and is extremely durable and robust. The simple manual operation makes work fast and pleasant

Suitable for all growing systems

Each of our seeders is built completely individually according to your wishes planting plates So we ensure that Lehner’s seeder is suitable for all growing systems.

Very easy handling

The seeder is immediately ready for use and impresses with its simple and efficient operation. A very great facilitation of the daily work in the process of seeding

Very high hourly output

You will be amazed at the speed with which you can sow with the help of Lehner’s seeder. With our seeder you multiply productivity

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